Hand Woven, Hand Tatted and Embroidered Neck Warmers

I have created these collars using the time honored techniques of the past.
In the old days woman would weave cloth and then embellish the woven squares with tatted lace. And they would then embroider lovely little pictures onto the woven fabric. I have used these techniques to make decorative neck wear which is both beautiful and functional. This soft and warm neckwear will keep you cosy on the coldest winter day besides being as ornate and decorative as any jeweled necklace forged out of metal.

My neck ornaments are completely hand made; woven; embroidered and tatted entirely by me. Each one takes me about 7 days to complete.

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**neck romance
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Here is a neck ornament still in progress constructed of hand woven purple cotton yarn. It is accented with hand embroidered roses and trimmed with an antique glass pearl border. In addition it has hand tatted trim.

This neck warmer will open and closes easily with a pearlescent glass button sewn to the side. It will come lined throughout and feel soft and smooth to the skin when worn.


**peacock loom**
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I now have four looms. But by far this is my favorite. It is a "Peacock Loom" made in the forties. Has lovely little hand carved gears which keep the warp snug as a bug in a rug.

**spinning wheel**
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My introduction to the world of Fiber Art began about 10 years ago when I bought my first spinning wheel on Craigslist. Never  before had I spun and knew very little about the subject. But I did know there was something magical and antique about spinning. I could never have imagined when I bought that first wheel how it would enrich my world and open doors to new and even more exciting worlds.

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