Soft and warm neckwear to keep you cozy on the coldest winter day. As ornate and decorative as any jeweled necklace forged out of metal.

A little pocket opens to reveal a space into which to put something special, perhaps a sacred scroll, perhaps a pill box, perhaps a key. My neck ornaments are completely hand made; woven; embroidered and tatted entirely by me.


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**neck romance
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Sometimes a person needs a different perspective to see a thing more clearly.


**peacock loom**
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I now have four looms. But by far this is my favorite. It is a "Peacock Loom" made in the forties. Has lovely little hand carved gears which keep the warp snug as a bug in a rug.

**spinning wheel**
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My introduction to the world of Fiber Art began about 10 years ago when I bought my first spinning wheel on Craigslist. Never  before had I spun and knew very little about the subject. But I did know there was something magical and antique about spinning. I could never have imagined when I bought that first wheel how it would enrich my world and open doors to new and even more exciting worlds.

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