A Lord with His Lady

 Queen Anne, Higgs, Grodnertal, Tuck Comb Replica Dolls
by Anne Reiss

I am happy to make a wooden Queen Anne Style or Grodnertal doll to your specifications.

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Lately I have been concentrating on William Higgs dolls. My goal is to create a real likeness. You can complare them side by side with the original dolls pictured on this website (above right) and let me know if you think I've succeeded.

Lady Elton.
**miss higgs**

**Lord and Lady**

The above photo  can be found in Alice K.Early's book "English Dolls-Effigies & Puppets."

**Lord and Lady**

To See a Gallery of Images of the Lord and Ladye Please Click on the Picture
The original couple dates to the early 1700's.  The original lady in the black and white photo is probably made by William Higgs around 1690. William Higgs is also believed to have carved Lord and Lady Clapham. The colored photo is my version of this couple in the black and white photo above. Please click on any photo to enlarge.
Each doll takes a few weeks to complete. Every part of the doll is hand made and hand carved. I even make the antique style eyes myself out of kiln fused glass.



The doll pictured above was made by William Higgs around 1680.
Although the doll on the right of Lady Clapham is not attributed to William Higgs, the sensitivity of carving around the lips and the manner in which the eyes are painted leave little doubt that she is perhaps an earlier, Higgs doll.. Note her adorable short arms and rather large hands..

For Your Information

All my dolls are completely carved by hand using sharp chisels. I use no duplicating or carving machines. As a result each doll's face is unique and none of are ever identical.
I sew all the doll's clothes by hand. I use a sewing machine on internal seams only. Anything that can be seen from the outside is stitched by hand.
I make my own glass eyes and for hair I spin mohair on an Ashford spinning wheel. Each one of my dolls is a one of a kind, original work of art.

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